Thursday 24 April 2014


An expedition across Alaska to the High Arctic Circle to explore a potential ticking time bomb- the Permafrost Melt. Bernice travels across the tundra to a remote research centre – called Toolik Lake. Here she meets up with Permafrost scientists Ben Abbott who takes her to a remote location, a phenomena called STINKY BLUFFS a frozen ice cliff that is beginning to thaw and release tones of Carbon Dioxide and Methane. Bernice says “this is like being on another planet, its not at all like Earth”. Meet Dr Ben Abbott.
Underground, Bernice is given access to a restricted US Permafrost Tunnel, a true time tunnel where she steps back in time to understand the important role Permafrost plays in the climate landscape. Deep in the earth, Bernice with Prof Vladmir Romanovsky examine the permafrost story from the inside out. Explore the Permafrost Tunnel.
Barrow Alaska, is the furtherest point North on this expedition. Here Bernice meets up with Prof Jay Zwally from NASA as they go looking for sea-ice which is disappearing faster than predicted models during the summer season. But just how this affects the rates of Permafrost thaw is what Bernice is curious to find out. Meet Jay Zwally from NASA.
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